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Ant Smith
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Our World

Saving For A Rainy Day

I like to get a few drinks down

I like to get me self down town

I like to see the pubs and sights

The taxi ranks n drunken fights

I like to get a garlic bread

On nights like these

When I’m out of my head

And I just can not

Quite decide,

Is evolution genocide ?

The got to haves

And to have nots

Have got themselves all

Tied up in knots

Everything is now half price

Or even, twice the cost

Winter Sales - Going Bust

Conglomerate, or bite the dust

Everything, is up for grabs

Got to have a secret stash

Do you think you’ve got enough,

To last another day with us?

Be prepared, until the last!

Is love for life a kind of lust?

Here am I, And here are you

And here are we, Together

Time may come, And time may turn

But we are here, Forever

Got to learn, to make it last

Because the world turns too darn fast

Got to watch for the likes of me

I got to save for the apres-vie

Skin is dry and dehydrated

Liver’s yellow and perforated

Body-bag, they’ll wrap me up -

Cause I don’t know, when enough’s enough!

Yes, body-bag, they’ll wrap me up -

Cause I don’t know, when enough’s enough!

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Our World