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Ant Smith
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Love Poems

Scratch Me

Would you play me a quartet

If you had the arms to spare?

Would you dig up corpses

If I were lost in a mass grave?

Would you seek me out

If you had an itch down there?

I got the arms enough dear

The arms enough to care

Would you turn me a pirouette

Or does turning make you sick?

Would you ransack heaven

To help me escape from it?

Would you help me out

If I had an itch down there?

You turn me inside out dear

You lay me truly bare

Would you sing me a libretto

With your dying breath?

Would you gladly undertake

An immortal quest?

Would you scream and would you shout

If we had an itch down there

I've got the words enough dear

To fashion love in air

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Love Poems