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Ant Smith
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Stage Poems


She loves my spunk my woman does

She loves the taste she loves the look

She loves the spray she loves the flood

She loves to feel it fill her up


She licks her lips

She rubs her tum

She makes a meal out

Of my cum

Doesn't mind if it squirts or dribbles

On her belly or on her nipples

In her mouth or down her throat

Her eyes bulge wide with ev'ry stroke

A suckling babe upon her bloke

She don't mind if it makes her choke


Likes it chewy, likes it stringy

Likes it dangling from my thingy

Greedy cow when she milks me hard

Gobble gobble gobbling, plays her part

Gulping down like a good sport

Those little tadpoles live's cut short


Thinks my scrotum's a magic bag

Made to please and feed this lass

Endless torrents of top cocksnot

She turns the tap and downs the lot

And this we both agree upon

A little canabalistic fun

Better down her hungry throat

Than up inside her fertile cunt


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Stage Poems