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Ant Smith
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The chicken or the egg

I wonder what’s a hyphen

I wonder what’s a dash

I wonder why truth and lies spin in paragraphs

I wonder what’s a noun

I wonder what’s a verb

I wonder what it is, that-I should have learned?

I wonder what’s a voice

I wonder what’s a sound

I wonder where I am and what is going down

I wonder what is when and who is now

I wonder what is where and why is how

I wonder what it is the fuss is all about?

I wonder if it was just me,

Living through these eyes

And if I set my spirit free

I’d wonder where it goes

I wander here and wander there

I wonder how it knows

I wonder what’s a guess,

I wonder what is fact

I wonder what’s a chance

I wonder where’s the catch

I wonder what it is, that Goliath must have said

And I wonder what’s a chicken

And I wonder what’s an egg

I wonder which is first and I wonder when is last.

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